Finding Margaret - a case for reincarnation

Eternal life and reincarnation


Do you believe in Eternal Life?

If you answer “Yes” or “Maybe” this site is for you.

Reincarnation is a belief in the eternal life of the soul.



If you believe in Eternal Life, where have you been?

I was asked these questions by the Psychologist I consulted when I was profoundly depressed by recurring dreams of a woman I did not know.  I first encountered her around age 3 or 4; she was always chasing me and saying, “Please listen; I have something important to tell you.” 

Age and the activities of life took away these troubling dreams until I was in my mid-forties, when she reappeared – and this time she never went away.  My search for her was terrifying, to say the least – but the reward of past-life therapy and reincarnation counseling helped me find her and changed my life for the better; in fact, I can say it has never been the same, and for that I am eternally grateful.

After a three-year search, I found out who she was, where she lived, even the names of her children and husband.  I started listening to her, and what she said was important – very important; her simple words gave me profound insight into life.  

That’s what I want to share with you.  I pray this site will help you understand more about who you really are and why you are here on this amazing planet we call Earth.

Soul or spirit?


Souls and Spirit

 There are as many definitions of these words as there are religions.  I like to keep it simple, so here are mine:

SPIRIT is the universal Divine body of all that is.  Everything that lives comes from Spirit.  You are alive, therefore you are Spirit.

SOUL is your individual part of the universal Spirit.  Soul is your Spirit upon which your experiences have been "etched" and are a permanent part of who you are.  If Spirit is an ocean, Soul is a drop of water in that ocean.

Religion & Theology


Religion and Theology

All religions and their theologians profess to know "The Truth."  Because of my personal journey and discoveries, I believe every Soul must find it's own truth by walking its own path.  This may sound harsh or heretical (I am a devout Christian) but when you filter down through all the ego stuff -- and all the rules and regulations imposed by various cultures and religions -- ultimately our journey here is all about our own personal relationship to God.  

We display our relationship to our Creator through our interactions with other Souls; if church attendance helps us have a better connection to the Divine, that's great.  It does not mean that the church-goer is a better person, or more "right with God."

Dreaming versus reality


Dreaming versus Reality

What is the World and why are we here?  Is the World a manifestation of many minds?  Is it true that we each create our own reality?

See yourself in a dream state -- truly connected to the Divine. The Divine always was and always will be and your Soul is and always will be a part of that Divine.

Now, in your dream state with the Divine, see yourself in another  dream:  You envision Earth, and visiting there -- you see it's majestic mountains, lush green valleys, deep blue oceans.

Your dream is so beautiful and so "real" that you decide to share it with another Soul, and they, too, envision this physical world, and soon, over time, millions of Souls have heard about your dream and they, too, have made it their reality.

And so, it is passed down, Soul to Soul, and the Universal Mind now says that this dream is reality and that divinity is a dream.