Finding Margaret - a case for reincarnation

My Podcasts on Reincarnation

Truth Seekah


 A lively discussion with host Derek Grosskurth about reincarnation for the Christian, August 9, 2018.  

Night Dreams Talk Radio


This podcast was taped on March 12, 2018, with Gary Anderson of Night Dreams Talk Radio; we talk about reincarnation and my book, starting at 8:12 on the tape.

Truth Seekah


An in-depth interview with WDM Magazine about my  books on health and nutrition as well as my work in reincarnation counseling.

Of Lite and Darke


Night Dreams Talk Radio


Another talk with Gary Anderson, taped on July 25, 2018.

Radio Out There

Another Egg another LIfe books

My friend and fellow reincarnation researcher, Gordon Keirle-Smith, talks with Jason Bland about his work and counseling both parents and children on past lives.

Dark Waters


Lively talk about reincarnation for the Christian with Shawn Graham of Chasing  The Truth on Dark Waters Paranormal Talk Stream Live, on September 9, 2018.

The Author's Show


The largest Author talk show on the internet!  Interview on October 10, 2018.

Talk in the Night


An in-depth two-hour coast-to-coast conversation about reincarnation and past lives on October 8, 2018.  Link on their website for special price!!

Paranormal Soup


Had a lively discussioin with Jason Bland on November 11, 2018.



University of Virginia

Research into Reincarnation is a global endeavor, but you don't have to go to a far-off land to get reputable information.  Check out what's going on at the University of Virginia.

References & Links

 Brian L. Weiss, MD



  • Many Lives, Many Masters 
  • Same Soul, Many Bodies
  • Through Time into Healing
  • Only Love is Real 

Carol Bowman



  • Children’s Past Lives
  • Return from Heaven

Gordon Keirle-Smith



  • Another Egg, Another Life (Children’s Activity Book and Grown-Ups Book) 
  • Genesis Antarctica

Ian Stevenson, MD



  • Children Who Remember Previous Lives
  • Where Reincarnation and Biology Intersect

Richard Martini



  • Flipside: A Journey to the Afterlife

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique by Dolores Cannon



  • Five Lives Remembered
  • Legacy from the Stars
  • Keepers of the Garden
  • Jesus and the Essenes
  • Convoluted Universe

The Newton Institute (Michael Newton, PhD)



  • Journey of Souls
  • Destiny of Souls
  • Memories of the Afterlife

The Institute for the Integration of Science, Intuition and Spirit


Reincarnation: A Journey through Cultures and Religions
A Path to Peace

Children’s Past Lives

Books by Walter Semkiw, MD, MPH-Reincarnation Researcher:

  • Return of the Revolutionaries: The Case for Reincarnation and Soul Groups Reunited
  • Born Again 

The Meaningful Life Center

Living with purpose and passion and webinars on reincarnation and the after-life.

Research & Books

Gordon Keirle-Smith


Gordon has created a set of workbooks and storybooks for parents who want to help their children explore reincarnation and past lives.

Here is a link to Gordon's interview on Aug.  10, 2018, with Barry Eaton,  of Radio Out There,  talking about reincarnation, Another Egg another Life,  and  our books. 

Carol Bowman


For EXCELLENT INFORMATION on REINCARNATION I  highly recommend Carol Bowman's book Return from Heaven

Carol also has a wealth of information on her website and she does Past-Life Regression Therapy.

Reincarnation of a WWII Fighter Pilot


The true story of a toddler telling about his past life as a WW-II fighter pilot.

Mom, I used to be someone else


When Ryan Hammonds was between 4 and 5, he told his mother "I have something to tell you,” and went on say that he had been here before and used to be somebody else.  Richard Sieg's book explains the scientific methodology used to study children's claims of past lives.

Find out more about Ryan

Past-Life Therapists & Hypnotists


Always work with a Professional!

Past-life therapy and reincarnation counseling is not to be taken lightly and I recommend that you work with a licensed hypnotherapist who has been trained in past-life regressions.  For research on the benefits of hypnotherapy, and medical applications of hypnosis, check out this site.

Spiritual Regression Therapy Association

International association of trained and licensed  past-life therapists.

Past Life Regression Academy

Learn about the training of these certified hynotherapists for mind, body, and soul healing.

Between Lives Spiritual Regression

Reincarnation counseling and  learning more about your times between incarnations can help you understand yourself as a spiritual being.

The Parapsychological Association

This professional organization of scientists and scholars, established in 1957, is affiliated with the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Parapsychological Studies at USA Colleges & Universitites

Colleges and universities offer a variety of courses in the study of PSI (parapsychological experiences), bringing it into mainstream psychology.