Finding Margaret - a case for reincarnation

Reincarnation counseling - Taking the Journey into your Past



Understanding your past gives you a deeper, more meaningful appreciation of your current life.  You will come to understand your particular likes or dislikes:  people, places, situations, talents, occupations, hobbies, family, children, elderly, races, geographic areas, politics, personal habits, living abodes...the list is as endless as life itself.

You have crossed the bridge from eternity to this earth many times.  Wouldn't you like to know where you've been?



First, before you begin ask yourself:

  •  What do I want to find out?
  • Is there an on-going problem in my life I want to resolve?
  • Am I self-disciplined to do this without harming myself or others?
  • Is there a difficult relationship in my life that might be helped?
  • Am I happy with my life as it is or do I feel that I need to know more?


Second, some basic guidelines


  • use a psychic or website that says it will tell you about your past lives
  • do not use hypnosis unless done by an expert trained in past-life therapy
  • do not fall into the "definition trap" (allowing others to tell you the definition of  your dreams)
  • do not get caught up in religiosity or theology
  • do not believe someone who purports to know all about your past lives


  • set aside some time and specific  day each week to devote to your exploration
  • meditate and connect to God and your higher self
  • be disciplined about writing down your dreams and memories as they occur
  • look for repeating themes/situations in your life (both negative and positive)
  • be aware of your relationships and experiences (both good and bad)
  • realize that these are YOUR Lessons 


Third step - get a workbook and record your discoveries

Record every little thought or idea that comes to you.  All those little details can create a big picture.  Memories can come in the morning shower, or the late afternoon grocery line; while doing laundry or mowing the grass.  Don't discount anything as insignificant.

I have written a reincarnation notebook, filled with questions and memory joggers, and plenty of room for your personal writing.


Remembering your Early Years


Meditate weekly and explore these topics in your meditations (be sure to write them in your journal)

  • the very earliest dreams and fears you can remember
  • people you were particularly afraid of or devoted to 
  • particular likes and dislikes you had - food, activities, clothes, colors, weather, etc.
  • things you liked or excelled at in kindergarten and early grade school and subjects that caused you distress
  • books you particularly enjoyed or topics you focused on
  • a repetitive physical problem you had

Your Young Adult Years


Ask yourself questions and journal your answers about your Teenage, High School and College years:


  • what was your favorite subject? 
  • what did you enjoy learning about?
  • what came easily to you? 
  • what did you struggle with? 
  • were you academically gifted in some particular subject? 
  • what activities, clubs and/or sports did you enjoy and/or participate in? 
  • did you excel in a particular sport? 

Think about your social life

  • did you have a close friend or group of friends? 
  • were you outgoing or quiet?
  • were you bullied or did you bully?

What about your spiritual life

  • did you attend church/synagogue?
  • regularly or occasionally?  

There are other areas to explore, such as pets, performing arts, your home life.  All these areas could hold information about your past lives.

Your Mature Life - Relationships, Career, Experiences


For this age you will explore many areas, including but not limited to:

  • marriage or significant other
  • children
  • career - work life
  • religious-spiritual life
  • social life
  • recreation & sports
  • vacations & travel
  • civic activities & volunteer work
  • living environment
  • clothing & personal appearance
  • friends & family relationships
  • health challenges
  • weather conditions & climate
  • geographic locations
  • objects, collectibles, hobbies
  • music & reading preferrences

your self-examination


Review your life experiences

Ask yourself these questions and journal your answers over a period of time:

  • who in my life is causing me problems I can't resolve?
  • what daily tasks or routines cause me stress?
  • what skills do I have that I enjoy using?
  • what am I really, really good at?
  • what do I hate to do?
  • what comes easily to me?
  • what colors do I particularly like, dislike?
  • what genre of books am I drawn to?
  • what subjects in school/work do/did I excel at?
  • what phobias, fears or hearty dislikes do I have?
  • what style of architecture/house do I prefer?
  • what kind of people am I drawn to? (physical, emotional and mental characteristics)
  • what kind of people am I repulsed by?
  • what unpleasant situations have  repeated in my life?
  • what on-going physical problems/pains have I had?

The Reincarnation Workbook

In the Crossing the Bridge workbook, you will have a variety of categories, each with a list of "triggers" for you to identify.  You simply put a check mark next to any item if you have a very strong good or bad feeling about it.

PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER - getting the big picture


Recognizing patterns and characteristics

There are some memories of past lives that impact us, even though we are unaware that those feelings are generated by a past life.  Hopefully, the exercises above have jogged your memory and brought some of these to you attention.


Answer questions, resolve problems

After noticing what is going on in your life and keeping your journal, you will begin to see repetitive patterns; these are the keys to unlocking your past lives. 

For instance, I have always hated cold water; as a child the first plunge into the swimming pool caused me an inordinate amount of stress.  It was only when I did a past life regression with my psychologist when I was in my forties that the reason for this came to light.  Now I know how to deal with it.