Finding Margaret - a case for reincarnation

What I've learned from Margaret


Why are we here?

I asked Margaret, "Why am I here?"

She answered,  Before you can understand the answer, you must know who you are.  Do you know who you are?

Wisdom for the ages ...

  • Your Spirit came here to have a human experience and that's what we call Life.  Because you have been here many times, we call that reincarnation.
  • Difficult times are God's way of pruning us.
  • A setback is an opportunity for a comeback.
  • You can't be who you want to be if you're not willing to be who you are.
  • Everyone has to find their own truth, but they'll only find it if they are willing to look.
  • Allow the butterfly to alight on your shoulder, but do not reach for it.
  • Birth and Death use the same door.
  • You can't hold on to the past and be open to the future at the same time.
  • If you love those who hurt you, you increase your own dimension.
  • Truth is the cream of Life.  It will always rise to the top.
  • You have been alive forever; 'death' is not something to be feared.
  • You can only listen to one channel at a time; which one are you tuning in to?
  • Your life is a mirror of your personal thoughts.
  • When you are being Tested, the correct answer is Love.
  • Do not waste your precious energy on feelings that are negative.
  • Kind words are nourishment to a starving Ego.
  • How can you live fully if you live in fear?
  • When you feel like having a pity-party, remember the Hungry, the Abandoned, the Neglected, the Abused.