Finding Margaret - a case for reincarnation

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This is a true story


Out of Atlanta comes a story

...of love, hope and courage. This true story has been written as a novel, with names and descriptions altered to protect identities. The actual events took place between 1987 and 1990 and is documented in medical and legal records.


Past lives I have found

Through past-life therapy with a well-respected psychologist, I have found numerous past lives, many of which I had dreamed about as a child, but never knew they were about my soul's reincarnation.

The picture of me at Margaret's grave was taken in May 1995, by Louisa Hickman.


It really happened to me


This is a true story.  I have written it exactly the way it happened to me between January 1987 and December 1990.  The descriptions of characters and names have been changed to protect their identity.

I originally wrote the story for my children – to share with them the lessons I learned on this incredible journey – and also as a personal catharsis.  I needed to step back and take a look at all that had happened, which is why I wrote the story in third person and did not filter out the day-to-day family activities.  It was important to me to be genuine (with exception of protecting certain identifies) and this is the Real Story.

An agent told me that this was not really a novel, that it was only a short story. It’s my feeling, however, that to limit it to just the past-life portions would deny the reader the full understanding of how these events play out in daily activities.  The trance sessions in the book are quoted from the actual transcripts of my work with my psychologist.

When the original manuscript was completed in 1992, my twin sister gave it to her friend and neighbor, who produces t.v. movies.  She passed it along to a professional reviewer in Hollywood, who summarized it with the words:  “This is a wonderful story.”  Because of the cost to produce the many period pieces in the book, the movie idea was abandoned; I still think it would make good film.

I hope you will not only enjoy reading about the journey I took to find Margaret, but will also see where there could be similarities in your own life – and that the lessons I learned will give you a deeper and more meaningful understanding of your own journey.

I am available to do talks and reincarnation seminars with my workbook, Crossing the Bridge from life to life, so please contact me through the website.

Many years ago I read an inspiring book by Dr. Gerald Jampolsky and Diane Circincione titled Love is the Answer.  It is my sincerest wish that after reading Finding Margaret, that you, too, will agree – Love really is the answer.

Margery Phelps

Waleska, Georgia


FIVE STARS: An inspirational whirlpool

I can honestly say that "Finding Margaret" has been one of the most compelling reads I have come across in a very long time. You are simply swept along in the whirlpool of events that build in complexity. You cannot imagine how circumstances could possibly get any worse. Then they do! Despite this, the author takes us through her trials and tribulations like the captain of a ship riding out her own private hurricane. Two things in particular stand out. First of all, the fact that this is truth and NOT fiction. That Margery Phelps is as she is today because she really has endured these spiralling events, making her stronger, wiser and enlightened. Secondly, and even more important, is the way she sets reincarnation and all its implications up front and centre, showing how they empowered and inspired her to move onward and upwards in spite of everything happening about her. But for me, the most amazing thing of all, was the way I felt caught up in this inspirational whirlpool, giving me an ability to see everything from a much broader perspective.
The only issue I would raise is that because the story careers along at such a pace, involving several present life characters who are also referred to by their past life names, readers can get a bit lost. Maybe the book needs a "Who's Who?" guide to sort that out? 

FIVE STARS: I thoroughly enjoyed Finding Margaret!

I thoroughly enjoyed Finding Margaret! I could not put it down! The story was so engaging and relatable. If I had any doubts about the reality of reincarnation before reading this book, I no longer do! 


 Enjoyed this book's easy story telling style. Interesting story! 

FIVE STARS: I thoroughly enjoyed reading Finding Margaret

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Finding Margaret. It was one of the books that was hard to put down, even though it was getting bedtime! I recommend this book to anyone who has a spiritual interest or and interest in reincarnation. 



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Many people are troubled about unexplained situations in their lives.  Reincarnation provides a simple explanation and resolution.

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